Aesthetician Services


Revitalize. Refresh. Renew. Enhance and maintain your skin’s natural glow with a treatment and product regimen designed to meet your specific needs.


A solution that is applied to the skin, used to improve and smooth texture, blemishes, wrinkles and uneven pigmentation. This procedure will help to decrease the apparent size of your pores, minimize wrinkles and pigmentation and helps to promote new cell turnover. Usually performed in a series of six treatments, this superficial epidermal treatment leaves you with healthy, glowing skin.


Using a blade to remove vellus hair and dead skin, this treatment leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth. Epidermal leveling can be performed as a stand alone treatment or in conjunction with a chemical peel.


Routine facials hydrate the skin and promote faster cell-renewal, minimizing fine lines and wrinkles. This procedure can dramatically change the appearance and overall health of your skin.


Microdermabrasion is a skin rejuvenation procedure that deeply abrades the epidermis removing dull, dead skin and revealing a fresher looking complexion. It is effective for treating fine lines, wrinkles and acne.


This procedure incorporates a combination of modalities. It is a treatment of a chemical peel combined with microdermabrasion that delivers excellent results. Leaving the skin with improved texture, smoothness and reduced fine lines and wrinkles.


Hair removal is performed by using a gentle wax to remove unwanted hair on the face and body with minimal irritation.