Blepharoplasty/Eyelid Surgery


Your face provides the world with a lasting impression of who you are and how you feel … it does not have to reveal your age! –Dr. Robert Wolf

Very few corrective aesthetic procedures impact the appearance of the entire face the way eyelid rejuvenation does. Also known as BLEPHAROPLASTY, eyelid surgery improves appearance of the upper eyelids, lower eyelids or both. Rejuvenation of the surrounding eye area makes you look more rested and alert.

A BLEPHAROPLASTY procedure is usually performed on adults, men and women, who have healthy facial tissue and muscles and have realistic goals for improvement of the eye area. Upper eyelid surgery can remove excess fatty deposits that appear as puffiness in the lids. Also, loose or sagging skin that impairs vision can be treated by eyelid lift surgery. A lower BLEPHAROPLASTY can remove excess skin and fine wrinkles of the lower eyelid area, while correcting bags and droopiness of the area underneath the iris.

The BLEPHAROPLASTY is performed out-patient under twilight sedation and local anesthesia. The time required for the surgery varies, depending on the patient, but is typically a few hours for upper and lower lids. Social downtime also varies depending on the patient and the extent of the surgery, but is in most cases is no more than a few weeks.