Dr. Wolf’s “S-Lift” Facelift

The FACELIFT has undergone many significant improvements in the last two decades. Many of these have involved making the operation safer and more effective at creating a natural look while reducing recover time. Probably the most significant improvements in this procedure are that the face can be rejuvenated earlier with longer lasting natural results.

Dr. Wolf’s signature procedure is the “S-LIFT.” The “S” is for the facial SMAS muscles that influence the appearance of the face and neck as we age. The S-LIFT procedure provides an overall lift to the lower third of your face, as well as your neck. This procedure can make a dramatic change in the way you look by tightening sagging soft tissues of the cheeks, chin and neck. Yet at the same time, the results appear natural. Dr. Wolf’s patients love the fact that following their operative procedure they do not look like they had surgery. This in office procedure leaves the patient with a dramatic long lasting result, feeling and looking refreshed and years younger!

The S-LIFT procedure is performed out-patient under twilight sedation and local anesthesia. The procedure normally takes less than 3 hours. Most “S-LIFT” patients resume normal daily activities within 4-7 days.