Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)


What you did for me not only repaired my body but healed my spirit as well! –E.H.

Like most plastic surgery procedures, the TUMMY TUCK procedure has evolved. The TUMMY TUCK corrects small bulges in the lower abdomen often caused by muscles stretching in childbirth. The procedure is often enhanced by liposuction as well as total removal of love handles and the folds of tissue above. The procedure restores a true waistline and tightens the abdominal muscles. The TUMMY TUCK completely restores a figure that has lost its shape through child birth and aging.

The TUMMY TUCK or ABDOMINOPLASTY not only restores (or creates) a curvaceous figure, but makes it easier for people to lose weight and keep it off by increasing motivation to diet.

The TUMMY TUCK is performed at an out-patient surgery center under general anesthesia. The scar from the skin removal is discreetly placed in the fold above the pubic area and hip bones; it can often be hidden under small bikini bathing suits or under garments.