Over the past twenty-five years, LIPOSUCTION has become the most popular cosmetic surgical procedure performed. LIPOSUCTION addresses regions that contain “blocked” fat that is not easily worked off through diet and exercise, because the cells are actually resistant to being broken down. This includes those stubborn areas of the body such as “love handles” or “saddle bags”. Traditional tumescent LIPOSUCTION removes fat deposits with a hollow cannula or tube. It is important to note that LIPOSUCTION is not a procedure for losing weight. Rather, LIPOSUCTION is ideal for people who are within 10 to 15 percent of ideal weight for their height. Particularly when attempts of controlling fat by diet have failed, LIPOSUCTION is the answer!

LIPOSUCTION is most often performed under general anesthesia in an out-patient surgery center. Smaller amounts of LIPOSUCTION or touch-ups may be performed in the office with local anesthesia. The social downtime depends on the patient, however most [patients can resume normal activity within a few days. It can take up to twelve weeks for the skin to shrink completely and for the liposuctioned area to reach its final form.